Welcome to Sabbath Song Farm! 

Everyone has a dream.  A dream to live a full life; a dream to accomplish great things; a dream to enjoy nature, to share their ideas and to leave a heritage so that others will benefit. The list is endless and as unique as the individual who dreams.

For Wes and Carolyn Boatman, their dream is to share their blessings.  They are often giddy with delight at the life they enjoy. They are both multi-talented.  Carolyn is a gifted artist and teacher; Wes is an award winning composer. Their incredible property has plenty of acres for exploring, hiking, camping, fishing and enjoying nature.  The Country Lodge is perfect for individuals, families or groups. And they want you to experience it all.

So bring your willingness to try new things, new ideas, your desire to learn, or to do nothing at all. The scope of what you gain is all up to you. Prepare to dream a new dream. The Country Lodge at Sabbath Song Farm.

It’s a dream realized. It’s a place to retreat, relax and rejuvenate.